Excerpt | The It Girl Rules: Get Hired & Stay Hired


The It Girl Rules series is simply a culmination of my inner-dialog, my musings, my insights and my philosophies on style, career, and personal growth. This is my formal reply to every woman who has ever asked for my advice or opinion on these topics. You were my original inspiration for this project.

My first book, "The It Girl Rules: It's Getting Haute in Here," was all about fashion fundamentals, style tips, and shopping on a budget. In "The It Girl Rules: Get Hired & Stay Hired," I offer you a collection of roadmaps on how to land a new job, ways to successfully navigate different corporate cultures, how to handle difficult situations at work, and how to make smooth transitions between jobs. Most of my roadmaps were developed through trial-and-error - lessons I have learned over twenty years as a corporate professional. Others were gifted to me by mentors and peers. Now, they are yours to reference and to leverage for success in your own career. You will also find my biographical sketch sprinkled throughout. I expose my joys and pains to empower and to motivate you.

Sound advice from me, a seasoned mentor, or your career coach will make you more competitive for job opportunities and promotions but mistakes will still happen. Expect to make lots of them. It's okay. It Girls are not perfect. However, I encourage you to become a student of your life, to learn from each mistake, and commit to making better decisions. Your mantra should be, "I will only make new mistakes!"

One more thing: Solid work performance, integrity, and work ethic are not explicitly covered because I assume that you already work smart, with a spirit of excellence, and will pursue additional education as needed.

My hope is that this book will help you to become a better professional.



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