Excerpt | The It Girl Rules: It's Getting Haute In Here


The It Girl Rules series is simply a culmination of my inner-dialog, my musings, my insights and my philosophies on style, career, and personal growth. This is my formal reply to every woman who has ever asked for my advice or opinion on these topics. You were my original inspiration for this project.


For women who were on the road to self improvement and somehow got off-course or simply recognize the need for a change, please think of this book as a catalyst, a kick out of your comfort zone and an outright challenge to complacency.  My goal is to stir up your creativity and your motivation to do what is necessary to become your best self.


Who is the It Girl? In my opinion, she is the inspirational superwoman that we are all striving to become.


The It Girl has enough “diva-tude” to command all eyes in a room, but possesses the grace and humility to be approachable and inviting. She understands that her external beauty truly comes from the inside. Beyond the accoutrements and beyond the glamour, we are all human beings. The It Girl is grounded in that.


The It Girl is self aware, knowing what her strengths and weaknesses are. She recognizes that her road to self-improvement has no true end. Despite life’s ups and downs, her goal is to live a full life and to enjoy every day.


The It Girl also understands the importance of connecting with people. She has a generous spirit, with the ability to show love and receive love. The It Girl is not selfish. No. She is a giving person — whether it means giving of her energy, time, or finances to her family, friends or causes that are important to her.


The It Girl respects others. She believes that every person has value and respects their differences. She comfortably maneuvers among royalty and those who live in poverty. She shows the same consideration to the janitor and the CEO.


The It Girl respects herself. She does not accept ill-treatment or disrespect of any kind from anyone. With humility and strength, she embraces and celebrates her self-worth. She knows that she is a queen and should be treated as such.


The It Girl does not live her life by convenience or preference; she lives by convictions and values.


I digress.


In Volume I of this series, my focus is on style and fashion — topics near and dear to my heart. To all my fellow It Girls-in-training, I hope you enjoy reading this as much I have enjoyed writing it.


No more talking about IT, now is the time to be about IT!




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