Meet Tamika

tamikanurseERROLpic.jpgTamika Nurse is a dual-degreed business woman, speaker, and author, with approximately 20 years of experience in Corporate America.  From financial services to consumer products to education, her accounting, finance and marketing skills have been leveraged at several Fortune 100 corporations.  To that end, she has coached many on how to effectively manage their own careers. 

Tamika's marketing background in the apparel industry includes the successful launch of a nationwide clothing brand in over 400 retail outlets and at New York's Fashion Week. Her passion for fashion has not only permeated her professional world, but also her personal life. Over the years, her aesthetic was influenced by time spent in London and Paris as well as a brief encounter with the modeling and the pageant world. 

Next to fashion and shopping, international travel is Tamika's second favorite pastime. Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, France, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and Mexico have all made an indelible impact on her world view. Tamika's goal is to make at least one international trip each year as she loves to learn about new countries and different cultures.

As the founder of It Girl Industries and author of The It Girl Rules series, Tamika's mission is to empower women of all ages, who are already fabulous but need a little motivation to get to their next level - whatever that may be.